07 Aug 2019

Time & Attendance

Retail ViVA Lite Time & Attendance module makes it easy to record attendance with just one click and get insights and live view on team’s daily/weekly/monthly attendance and work location based on rostered timing. Eliminate manual intervention with automated process to Payroll module with Retail ViVA Lite.

Overall Time and Attendance module helps you with accurate, faster payroll process, for less risk and improves time management of your entire workforce.

Retail ViVA Lite

Key Features

  • Accurately record employee’s clock in and clock out time based on rostered location
  • Simplified view via Live updates on team’s daily/weekly/monthly attendance
  • View Live insights on your/team’s work location based on rostered timing
  • Real time integration and visibility on the work Calendar for better team management
  • Seamless integration with Payroll module for pay processing

Key Benefits

  • Logging in and Logging out of work timing is just a click away
  • Get visibility of your team member’s attendance with our MIS reports
  • Configure your emails to notify late comers
  • Get insights on Log in and Log out details on the Calendar