07 Aug 2019

Human Capital Management & Payroll

Retail ViVA Lite HCM module offers seamless HR and Payroll process. All functions from hiring an employee to its final termination in organization, various sub components such as Personnel management, organizational management, time management, and Payroll is fully integrated to meet all your essential business needs.

Our solution offers online access to payroll information, so employee labor costs can be tracked and monitored, which is often an organization’s highest expense. The Payroll is totally integrated with General Ledger, Sub Ledger allowing standardization and automation process to increase operational efficiency.


Key Features

  • Record all employees and staff across business group
  • Seamless transfer of employees from one business entity to another
  • Regularize Payroll cycle from data entry to fully reconciled results and get to view the same
  • View analytical data to highlight any discrepancies between the current and previous Payroll runs

Key Benefits

  • Gives you online access to your Payroll information, so you can track and monitor employee labor costs, often your Organization’s highest expense
  • Our Payroll is fully integrated with General Ledger, Sub Ledgers allowing you to standardize and automate processes to increase operational efficiency
  • Perform readiness checks and validate employee data to correct any errors or missing data before running the Payroll process